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Pure JFC 2D Graphics and Imaging Издательство: Sams, 2000 г Мягкая обложка, 384 стр ISBN 0-672-31669-2 инфо 10903y.

Pure JFC 2D Graphics and Imaging is a premium reference for experienced Java(TM) developers It contains an accelerated introduction to the Java 2D concepts and implementations, as well as a concise reference бщоюфto the interfaces, classes, fields, methods, and constructors from the Java 2D API packages But the heart of this book is the code In addition to the usual snippets, there are many complete, well-commented, commercial-quality programs that demonstrate key 2D graphicвзтерs and imaging implementation techniques All this code is meticulously commented to limit page flipping and accelerate your understanding Download any of this code from wwwsamspublishingcom/product_support/ and you are well on your way to creating sophisticated 2D graphics and working with images Автор Satyaraj Pantham.

Цена: 760 р.